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Son - Lois Lowry This last book didn't live up to my expectations from the other three in the series. I have had a while to process, and I think it was a fine ending. Knowing what happens to everyone involved is ok. Seeing that more people are still developing 'powers' that others don't have can give you a lot of imagination fodder. Gabriel defeating the Trademaster is a bit of a let down though, because it sets the world up to be one where bad things can be defeated, and the purpose of all the others seemed to focus on having hope even though there is evil/bad out in the world. The overrunning theme of hope is what kept me coming back, and in a few paragraphs that was lessened IMO. But I also have to remember that if I want things to happen a certain way, I should probably write a book myself. :) The writing style was consistent and I liked having an ending after wondering for so long what laid in the future for everyone.